80% Of Accidents Caused By Valid License Holders, People Simply Ignore Road Safety Rules

The statistics are scary: 80% road accidents were caused by drivers with valid licenses in 2017; over 25 per cent Indians hold more than one driving license; 59% driving licence holders never took a test, few understand road rules. Clearly, there are enough loopholes that make it easy for Indians to beat the system and flout the law.

Sure, India’s on the path to issuing uniform licenses starting 2019, but the real bigger concern that needs fixing is how drivers procure a driving license in the first place. Since a majority have never taken a driving test, they are big threat on the roads. And with over a quarter having a second license, in the case of an event where a license is impounded, these people can soon get back behind the wheel using their other license. Says Piyush Tewari, CEO, SaveLife Foundation, “Uniform licensing is a progressive step primarily because it will ensure lot more transparency, lot more robustness in licensing system, but we need to do a lot more in fixing how to get a license.”

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