'Absolute Joke': Despite Thrashing, May Forges Far-Right Coalition to Hold Power in UK

Despite failing to win an outright majority of seats in Parliament in Thursday’s snap-election, British Prime Minister Theresa and her Conservative party looked determined to cling to power despite results that stripped them of the strong mandate they sought ahead of upcoming Brexit negotiations.

Reports confirm that May has reached a deal with the right-wing Democratic Unionist party (DUP) in Northern Ireland in order to prevent the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn from assembling his own minority coalition and becoming prime minister.

According to a DUP source who spoke to the Guardian: “We want there to be a government. We have worked well with May. The alternative is intolerable. For as long as Corbyn leads Labour, we will ensure there’s a Tory PM.”

For street-level perspective from the left, political commentator Chunky Mark comes recommended as a source of succinct analysis of what a Tory-DUP coalition would mean. On Friday morning, Mark called the Tory’s attempt to stay in power “an absolute joke” and offered this rebuke:

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