Auckland-Xtrm, NZA’s new sportswear division

N.Z.A. New Zealand Auckland is proud to present its new sportswear division. We would like to welcome you in an era of the renewal of sports-casual clothing. Balancing in between the solid pillars of functional sportswear and high fashion casual clothing.

Auckland-Xtrm clothing represents the lifestyle of the pro-active men willing to go further, setting new boundaries and exploring unknown possibilities in sports and day-to-day life. We are curious by nature and have an open minded and adventurous character. Adding a new taste to the few avours of the selective men.

For our collections we draw inspiration from the most extreme sports activities possible in and around the beautiful country of New Zealand.

Our collection of clothes, bags and accessories exists out of a vivid combination of our unique graphic interpretation of contemporary sports with durable quality garments. Each of these garments considerately chosen to provide you the best comfort, robustness and durability.

Like N.Z.A. New Zealand Auckland we will oer you very interesting values like;
• A sales margin higher then average
• Excellent price/quality relationship
• An extending range of quality fashion garments and accessories

Brand Extension:
Soon to be featured by bags and backsags.
A Junior collection will be composed out of selectively chosen styles and caps to add a fuller range to the Auckland-Xtrm brand.
Our smartly designed stand-alone Auckland-Xtrm shop-in-Shop system will be even more convenient to meet the needs of even the smallest shop owners.
With all previously mentioned elements combined, Auckland-Xtrm will be a fresh breeze in a fashion segment worth exploring.

Yours sincerely,
The Auckland-Xtrm Team

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