Barcelona’s eight LaLiga titles in 11 years is a once in a generation feat, but the shadow of Liverpool looms large

Consider the context of what they have done. The Blaugrana have consistently blown away all domestic competition in a league where during that time period their opponents included a team that won four Champions Leagues, another that has twice been Champions League finalists, and there was also the added nuisance of a Sevilla side that won three Europa Leagues in three years.

Knockout tournaments can be glorious and unpredictable, but for coaches, leagues are the marathons that truly distinguish a country’s greatest side.

Even the coach of Barça’s fiercest rivals admitted as much, when it would have been easier to point to his own European trophy-haul as a distraction. “LaLiga is the most important competition for me. In the Champions League you have 12 or 13 games. If you win the league it’s bang, bang, bang, every day,” Zinedine Zidane noted earlier this week.

And you can bet the Frenchman will be focusing on Spain’s domestic championship next season.

Diego Simeone, the man in charge of the Blaugrana’s closest league challengers of the last two seasons (and who would probably have a couple more league titles in his trophy cabinet if it wasn’t for the misfortune of bad timing), is similarly clear on the matter. “Barcelona have been the best team in the world in recent years, despite not winning in Europe, the numbers they’ve produced in Spain have been tremendous,” the Argentinian affirmed earlier this season.

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