BBC talkSPORT: Bradley Resigns *UPDATE: Soccer House Denies

Reports have been flying around the soccersphere for the last few hours that US National Team Head Coach Bob Bradley has told USSF that he is quitting, effective immediately.

Most reports are pointing to talkSOCCER as thier source, but they normally just Hoover up reports from other sources, and in this case the Mirror may be WHERE IT ORIGINATED

As I said though, for some reason most reports are pointing to THIS BLOG ITEM from talkSport in the UK:

"1045 BST: Bob Bradley has quit his job with the United States national team and is set to be named the new manager of Aston Villa."

(I love some things about, but their handling of this rumor is typically cheezy: they're crediting "emerging reports" as their source.

Come on guys, be honest. Even the Brits are admitting that it's coming from a gossip column; why can't you?

Then again, since MLSTumors will claim they got a midnight email from an anonymous source and a certain Canadian blogger will credit "two independent sources close to the players" I suppose I shouldn't carp.

All I'm saying is that over the next few hours a whole bunch of cheap hacks are going to be implying that they have some inside info, and it should be wildly entertaining.)

The report is being taken seriously enough that both Ladbrokes and SkyBet have SUSPENDED BETTING on who the next Aston Villa manager will be and others have dramatically slashed the odds on Bradley ending up with the job.

Of course there have been similar reports over the last few days, notably from WORLD SOCCER READER where Trevor Heyward is quietly developing quite a track record for veracity in this kind of thing.

It's known of course that Aston Villa owner Randy Lerner has been in meetings at the club since arriving on Wednesday and some kind of announcement has been regarded as imminent.

No official announcements have been made, but the pressure on both sides of the Atlantic to confirm or deny either rumor will become overwhelming over the next few hours.

Stay tuned.

* Neil Buethe, USSF Communications Director, has told Bloomberg News that STORIES OF BRADLEYS' RESIGNATION ARE "100% NOT TRUE"

Buethe told the Guardian:

"The reports that Bob Bradley has resigned are not true"

Of course Buethe can't speak for what's going on in England at the moment.

Aston Villa is not commenting.

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