Belt up your jeans

Denim label Schultz is introducing a new way of wearing denim. For those who like their jeans hanging on their hips, the Schultz strap keeps your jeans on and your hands free from constantly hitching them up. Designed to replace the traditional belt, the Schultz strap can be worn on the back or front of the jeans. Two buttons on each side of the jeans on the rear waistband ‘cinch’ in the waist for a comfortable, belt-like snug fit. Worn at the front on the inside of the jeans, the Schultz strap gives sufficient support to allow you wearing your jeans as loose as you want.

All Schultz jeans come with two straps. They’re interchangeable and upgradeable. The brand is looking to introduce new designs throughout the year to change the whole look of the Schultz jeans with a new Schultz strap. There’s a range of Schultz designer underwear on its way as well, featuring a range of various slogans.

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