Booker T to Miss RAW, Lawler To Replace Him Tonight

The WWE has announced that Booker T will be unable to broadcast tonight’s episode of Monday Night RAW due to Hurricane Harvey.
Booker, who took over the broadcasting position from David Otunga this past year, is from and resides still in Houston Texas, where the hurricane hit the hardest and much of the area is flooded with waters expected to rise before the worst is over. Thousands are being sent to shelters and much more are evacuating the area altogether. No word on how Booker T has been personally affected by this disaster but we wish him the best.
In his absence, the WWE will have Jerry “The King” Lawler return to the broadcasting booth as RAW takes place tonight in his hometown of Memphis, TN. Lawler has been regulated to pre-shows for Pay-per-view events for the network for a while and was even rumored at one time to be leaving the company completely. Even though he is no longer allowed to compete after his on-air heart attack a few years ago, he will get a huge ovation from the crowd as he always does in the city he ruled over as a wrestler for over 30 years.

The WWE also announced that two of their production people, Jim Shank and Pat Cassidy are also unable to travel to RAW due to the hurricane and flooding in the area.
We at wish everyone in the Houston and surrounding area our best wishes and urge those reading to donate to a trusted relief aid to help in this disaster.


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