Bratches: F1 targeting change and ‘aggressive growth’!

Sean Bratches, Formula 1’s new managing director of commercial operations, has pledged to induce change in the sport, underlining the need to make F1 more “edgier and ‘proactive”.

Speaking in Barcelona during this week’s first pre-season test, Bratches touched upon Liberty Media’s vision for the sport which includes boosting races, sponsors’ presence and the number of teams on the grid!

“There will be a point in the season where we start to effectuate change,” he told Reuters.

“It’s not going to be where we just drop our vision one day and that’s the vision,” he continued.

“It’s going to be a build, and we are going to be very aggressive. We are going to try new things, all in the spirit of better serving Formula One fans.”

  • Howell: “We want fans to get closer to the action!”

Formula 1 announced earlier today the appointment of insider Norman Howell as the sport’s new director of communications and media markets.

The initiative bodes well for lining F1 up with tackling the digital world and social media, but there will be changes on many other fronts as well insists Bratches.

“I have been in the office every Saturday and Sunday for the last month since I got here, and I don’t see it ending. There’s a lot to do,” he admitted.

“We are going to pivot from what has been a very deal-oriented structure to one where we are formulating a strategic plan that we are going to execute on relentlessly over the mid to long-term.

“We’d love to see more teams, we’d love to see more sponsors and we’d love to see more circuits in the right places,” he said.

“Places that we believe are growth-oriented and can improve not only from a fan standpoint but improve the overall economics, drive television revenues, drive sponsor engagement and interest, create opportunities for teams and drivers.”

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