Brumbies vs Jaguares: Five things we learned

The Brumbies took just a losing bonus point from Canberra Stadium on Sunday.

What are we talking about after that 25-20 loss?

1. Brumbies complete weekend of carnage

The Brumbies finished off  weekend of disappointment for the Australian Super Rugby teams, with their defeat to the Jaguares. Few would have predicted a clean sweep of losses, and there will be plenty of soul searching to come this week. The Brumbies were the only team to walk away with anything this weekend, after a losing bonus point, but it will be little consolation. At the halfway mark of the season, things are looking very worrying for Australian rugby fans.

2. Composure all in the Jaguares’ corner

The Brumbies had a sluggish start against the Jaguares, with a 13-point hole by the 20-minute and an avalanche of other key statistics against them as well. Though they fought hard to be back to just three points at times in the match, the Brumbies were outpointed in every key moment. That the Jaguares were able to score easily with a one-man deficit was a glaring example of the issues the Brumbies had on Sunday, and the reasons the Argentines found a win.

3. Jaguares reach some new marks

The Jaguares hit some new highs in Canberra on Sunday. They’ll leave Australia with two wins from as many games, and four in a row on Aussie soil. Whether their success is a Test-quality side finally gelling or the Australian sides slipping to lower ebbs isn’t clear. Their trip to New Zealand next week might just unearth some clarity on that front.

4. Lineout worries

Set piece has long been the Brumbies’ bread and butter. Not so much on Sunday afternoon. They gave up four of their own lineouts to the Jaguares, stats that are becoming a trend for the Canberrans. They currently sit 10th in lineout success, with just an 84,5 per cent win rate, down from second in 2017, with 91.7 per cent. Though their scrum began with an intimidating air on Sunday, that too was slowly eroded. Maybe an even bigger worry is that these growing deficiencies aren’t being made up in running rugby or creative attack. The Brumbies are in no man’s land and it’s hurting them on the scoreboard.

5. Referee relations should go on ice

The penalty count ended up even in Canberra, but things were clearly frustrating the Brumbies on Sunday afternoon. David Pocock was pinged a handful of times at the breakdown, and was quick to take the issue up with referee Angus Gardner. The conversations certainly didn’t pay off for the Brumbies and it wasn’t a particularly good look for spectators either.

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