CA School Accused Of Feeding Kids Bleach Settles For $825K

FRESNO, CA — A California school district accused of accidentally feeding bleach to special education students recently settled the lawsuits for $825,000. The Fresno Bee reported two students from Addicott Elementary School were sent to the hospital in 2016 after “ingesting bleach via their feeding tubes.”

The principal of the school “would not elaborate on how the bleach came in contact with the students’ feeding tubes. Feeding tubes should be cleaned by flushing with warm water,” the Bee reported in 2016.

Two years after the incident, the district settled one lawsuit for $575,000 and a second lawsuit for $250,000, the Bee reported.

The lawsuit accuses the school of failing to properly store and clean the medical supplies.

“The minor could not throw up the poison due to a medical condition,” the newspaper reported.

The lawsuit also claimed the “school did not contact poison control or seek medical attention for nearly two hours after the incident,” the Bee said.

Read the full Fresno Bee story here.

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