Chicago Passenger Kicked Off Plane For Calling Attendant N-Word

CHICAGO, IL — A Southwest Airlines passenger was removed from a flight for yelling racial slurs at flight attendants, delaying a flight traveling from Chicago’s Midway airport to Houston, ABC Houston (KTRK) reported. According to witnesses and a video shot by another passenger, the woman became upset and started using profanities and the N-word when the flight attendant told her to put her tray table up to prepare for takeoff.

Southwest Airlines released a statement to ABC saying, in part, that the customer refused to comply with the flight crew’s instructions, then “became unruly and verbally abusive toward our flight attendants.” At that point, the flight crew made the decision to return to the gate and “deplane the customer,” who was met by local law enforcement. Southwest added, “Our employees handled the situation professionally with grace and class, and we do not condone or tolerate such profane and unruly behavior on board our aircraft.”

The woman can be heard using the slur in a video taken by another passenger. (Warning: Explicit language and racial slurs can be heard in the video)

According to ABC Houston, the passenger’s face is blurred in the video because she has not been charged with a crime.

(Photo: Mike Stewart/Associated Press)

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