Confederate Billboard Draws Controversy Outside Dallas

A billboard roughly 44 miles east of Dallas has sparked controversy for its depiction of a Confederate soldier urinating on the city’s skyline along with the phrase “I Support Confederate Heritage.” The billboard is located outside of Kemp and is allegedly referencing the Dallas City Council’s 11-4 decision in February to have a huge Confederate War Memorial removed from downtown.

A photo of the billboard was taken by Daniel Fehlbaum Wednesday at the intersection of Highway 175 and FM 1895. Fehlbaum’s daughter shared the photo on Reddit’s r/dallas community where it collected more than 250 comments from people debating whether its owner could be sued for using the Dallas Mavericks logo.

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“I think it’s disrespectful to the real issues that face our country today. The First Amendment right to free speech allows it to be put up, but common sense and decency should take precedence over ignorance and bigotry,” Fehlbaum told Patch.

The news website attempted to contact the billboard’s owner to no avail. Kemp Mayor Laura Peace called the billboard, which faces a daycare, a “vulgar sign,” according to Fox 4

“We can debate the politics involved, but that’s not an appropriate place for that type of sign. It’s not good for our community,” Peace added.

A request for comment has been placed with the Mavericks.

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