Costa Rica Fires a Warning

ARLINGTON, TX – I have been in a lot of press boxes over the years, mainly because of my duties producing Longhorn Spanish Radio. So I was curious how different this press box would be, considering it was an international event. The first difference I noticed hit me immediately.

Colongne. And a lot of it. A lot of tight clothes and hair gel. It was like a Saturday night at the coastal discotheque.

Or Michigan.

And then there is the cheering. Cheering in the press box of college football game is verboten. Even the biggest homer has to hold it in. Not so at the Gold Cup. I might as well be sitting with Red Coats at a Chiefs game.

I thought for a while during the first half of the Cuba – Costa Rica match that the plucky Cubans might have enough game to make the Ticos really suffer for those three points.

Costa Rica had a one goal lead, but Cuba had the possession, and the momentum. What they didn’t have, though, was patience. They made some nice plays, but were too excitable to finish them. Costa then blasted them at both ends of halftime to put an end to any chances the Cubans might have had to get a decent result.

Alvaro Saborio, who spent most of the game looking as if he would rather be sippin Lone Star’s on a pontoon boat at Lake Possum Kingdom (who wouldn’t on a day when the century mark came around noon), deemed the game worthy of his attention with a goal right before the halftime whistle. By the time Cuba realized the second half was on, they had absorbed two more.

Costa Rica spent the rest of the game trying to beat the off-side trap from the mid-field stripe, but it didn’t matter. They got what they came for. And the rest of the Gold Cup field should take notice.

Oh, I attended Bill’s bestest buddy, Chuck Blazer’s press conference earlier. It was nothing more than softball practice. Now that was like a college football game.

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