Daily Update: Heyman/Bischoff notes, Impact/AXS, Eli Drake


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Extreme rules stipulation added to Rollins & Lynch vs. Corbin & Evans 
Eric Bischoff discusses new role with WWE
LA Park vs. Jimmy Havoc announced for MLW Never Say Never
Young Bucks facing Private Party at House of Glory High Intensity 8
ROH TV taping spoilers: Best in the World fallout

Latest Audio:

Left My Wallet: Beyond Wrestling’s Uncharted Territory series 7/1
WOL: Fyter Fest, RAW, Extreme Rules, tons more! 7/1
B&V&G: Granny, NXT, NWA World Championship Wrestling from 1988! 6/30

F4W NEWSLETTER: Figure Four Weekly: Recapping WWE Stomping Grounds

After a lack of interest heading into the pay-per-view, Stomping Grounds was a show that exceeded expectations.

Given that there weren’t really any surprises at the PPV, that’s probably mostly due to expectations being set too low. Nothing on the show was dramatically better than it should have been. The PPV succeeded where most good WWE shows do. Even if the build was underwhelming, a talented roster was able to go out to the ring and have good matches throughout much of the card.

WON NEWSLETTER: July 1, 2019 Observer Newsletter: Paul Heyman & Eric Bischoff hired as WWE Executive Directors

A look at the WWE’s move to bring in Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff is the lead story in this week’s issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.  The story talks about what led to the moves, the questions about the moves that aren’t answered, the Heyman-McMahon history, the Bischoff decision, and how Wall Street and AEW fit into this equation.

We also look at the end of the political career of Antonio Inoki, a look at plans for Extreme Rules, business notes on ticket sales for the summer’s biggest events, the business this past week of WWE, the reaction to Seth Rollins vs. Baron Corbin, full coverage of Stomping Grounds with match-by-match rundowns, star ratings and poll results.

We also look at the retirement of Riki Choshu, a look back at his heyday, his awards, his as a headliner and booker and as a creator as well as his retirement mach.

We also look at the July 13 night of wrestling that will be loaded as far as different offerings go, with ESPN+, AXS, WWE Network and B/R Live all offering shows at the same time.  We look at how and why this happened.

We also look at changes to WWE television, why the Rollins vs. Bryan match went like it did, and what the internal feeling is about the changes.  We also look at the rounds system, 24/7 title news, declines in Raw viewership over the past year in different demos, new WWE signings, WWE injury updates, Noam Dar talks Adrian McCallum, Lio Rush update, WWE canceling shows and why, television industry exec talks wrestling and television landscape and how the mentality of TV has changed, WWE name changes, first Smackdown on FOX news updates and the market value of WWE.

We also look at all the NXT and WWE main roster events over the past week with match results, highlights and other business notes.

We’ve got full coverage of this past week’s UFC show with business notes.

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Bryan and I will be back tonight covering Raw and the latest pro wrestling and MMA news.  You can send e-mail questions for the show to mailbag@wrestlingobserver.com

Some notes regarding the new roles of Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff in WWE.  There is more Heyman influence in tonight’s Raw, but he’s had influence for some time.  It is not his complete show.  Bischoff is starting very soon (likely his fingerprints will be on things starting after the PPV) and will be at the show on Tuesday since the ad went out and they feel they need to have him there, but this week’s Smackdown is not his show.  Heyman will continue as a TV character in the role of the advocate for Brock Lesnar and not in an authority position, feeling the authority position is played out.  Bischoff’s situation is not confirmed past he was not hired to be a television performer.  We’ll have a lot more on the whys this happened in the new issue but the basic stuff talked about in the current issue is accurate as what caused the move and why these were the two guys picked.  Both will have influence in long-term booking with their ideas, but it is still Vince McMahon’s show. 

Regarding the Impact to AXS story that Voices of Wrestling broke, neither side has commented on it.  What we do know is that these talks have been going on for months and we don’t know exactly where they stand past it doesn’t appear a deal is final at this point.  Those at Impact have talked about upgrading their television situation, which they have to do, at some point this year, but nothing was said past that.

A correction from yesterday’s report.  It was Charlie Morgan who announced at yesterday’s Eve show that she was retiring.  She also came out in he speech.  We had reported it as Charli Evans.

Highspots will be releasing a new DVD on Championship Wrestling from Florida, directed by Michael Elliot, who did the great video of Bruiser Brody. 

Garrett Gonzalez and myself have an interview with Lance Archer going up on the site tomorrow night.

Paul Heyman on Inside the Ropes (transcript via Fightful)  said this about wanting to do a show without authority figures. “The role of the General Manager is played out. I don’t want to do it because its been going on for 20 years and whether you’re the hero General Manager, the villain General Manager… I don’t know how many people really turn on WWE or any form of sports-entertainment to see how a match is made. The show has become too much of, ‘Here’s the story behind the show that you’re watching’, and I think sometimes, people just want to see the show.” He said. “I think people just want to understand who the characters are and see the characters pitted against each other in compelling situations or riveting storylines that have nothing to do with the corporate structure that orders the match because the General Manager needs to sign the contract.”
Roman Reigns is in a Brisk Ice Tea ad from the new movie Hobbs & Shaw where he plays his character Mateo, a brother of Hobbs, who is Dwayne Johnson’s character in the movie.
A story on R-Truth’s segment being the biggest in WWE on YouTube. (thanks to Christopher Cruise)
Chris Jericho on the Bubba the Love Sponge show.
The latest NWA video on the arrival of Eli Drake.
Mike Mooneyham talks about the Jarrett Parsons Roku channel that airs old wrestling. (thanks to Mike Kuzmuk)
Rise from yesterday in Chicago:  D.J. Summers b Regina Honey Badger, Ray Lyn b Sophie King, Miranda Alize b Candy Lee, Kimber Lee b AQA, Neveah & Jessicka Havok won three-way over Zoey Skye & Courtney Rush (Rosemary from Impact) and Ashley Vox and Delmi Exo, Joey Ryan d Dementia D’Rose (this was a comedy match built around Ryan’s super powers penis and D’Rose’s super power butt, at one point the lights went off and it was like they were each touching the other and they had earthquake sound effects go off), Jake Atlas won doors elimination match over Elayna Black, Devon Monroe, Big Mama, Jamie Senegal an Priscilla Kelly, Shotzi Blackheart b Effy-DQ, Cassandro (the Mexican exotico) b Mercedes Martinez,.  Lots of talk about Pride month. (thanks to Shannon Walsh and wretlingwithdemons.net)
Pro Wrestling Eve Wrestle Queendom from yesterday at York Hall in London:  Yuu b NightShade, Kagetsu d Mayu Iwatani, Laura Di Matteo b Jordynne Grace, Jetta & Erin Angel won three-way to become the first Eve tag champs over Charli Evans & Millie McKenzie and Liivii Grace & Jinny, Su Yung b Session Moth Martina in a hardcore mach, Aria Hoshiki b Roxxy, Jamie Hayter won three-way elimination match to win the Eve International championship over champion Utami Hayashishita and Nina Samuels, Viper b Kay Lee Ray to win the Eve title in what was billed as both women’s last match with the promotion and they’re both with WWE, Rhia O’Reilly b Viper to win title in an impromptu match.
Rockin Ricky Gibson suffered a broken orbital bone and a hematoma on his head and will need surgery after taking a spinning heel kick to the face in a match with Prestige Wrestling on Saturday night (thanks to Frank Culbertson)
Does anyone have any contact info on 70s and 80s wrestler George Welles?
ONE has announced its 100th show for 10/13 at Tokyo Sumo Hall. 
Lucha Libre Promotions ran at the Santa Clara Fairgrounds yesterday in conjunction with the Super World Con, which announced all kinds of giant names with a ton of them canceling in the last two weeks because this was a gigantic mess.  The wrestling show drew 70 fans for a four-match show that had Mecha Wolf vs. local Payaso de Rodeo, when Puma King had travel issues so they said, and Juventud Guerrera beat Drago in the main event. (thanks to Roy Lucier)
Heather Bandenburg, aka Heather Honeybadger/Rana Venenoa has a book coming out “Unladylike:  A Grrl’s Guide to Wrestling” that comes out on 7/11 in the U.K.  She talks about how pro wrestling helped her overcome depression and find a path in life.
Pro Wrestling Phoenix had three more shows yesterday at the Omaha Comic Con
Morning:  Pat Powers b Purple, El Bigote b Austin Ames, Brett Bishop b Jon West, Con Artiest b Joey Daniels
Afternoon:  Branden Juarez b Pat Powers, Joey Daniels b El Bigote, Brett Bishop & Purple & Jon West b Zac James & Xander McIntosh & Austin Ames, Preston Maxwell b Con Artiest
Evening show:  Con Artiest b Purple, Branden Juarez b Austin Ames, Mad Dog McDowell & Jon West b Joey Daniels & Xander McIntosh, Brett Bishop b Preston Maxwell

CWE tonight in CFB Shilo, Manitba at the Community Centre Annex at 7:30 p.m. as a free show with Lanny Poffo & Brian Rich vs. Tommy Lee Curtis & Kevin Cannon in the main event.  It also includes live brand, a beer garden and fireworks for Canada Day.
Defy has announced Defyance Forever on 8/23 in Tacoma at the Temple Theater.  There will be New Japan talent on the show.  Tickets go on sale on Friday at 10 a.m., more info can be found on Defy’s website.
The Alabama Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame inducts its 2019 class on Saturday in Oxford, AL.  This year’s inductees are Arn Anderson, who spent his early career in Alabama, and will be in attendance. Other inductees include “Action” Mike Jackson, Joshua O’Hagan, and Veronica Fairchild.  The event will be followed by the Frank “The Flame” Barnhill memorial wrestling show.  Tickets to an exclusive pre-show meet and greet with the new Hall of Famers are $25, while the wrestling show by itself is free. For details, visit here.
The Hannibal TV recently did interviews with Rip Rogers and Brian Knobbs.

Daily Pro Wrestling History: Ric Flair stripped of WCW title


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