Dana White Expects Lesnar to Fight in UFC, Cormier on Joining WWE

It was only a few months ago when then-Universal Champion and current UFC Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier had a confrontation in the middle of the octagon. This immediately fueled speculation that Lesnar would be finishing up his run with WWE in order to return for a major MMA return fight against Cormier. Lesnar lost the Universal Championship at SummerSlam, but he surprisingly regained the title during WWE’s recent Crown Jewel event. It appeared as if an MMA comeback for Lesnar was over once again, but that all changed during UFC 230 when Cormier once again called out “The Beast Incarnate” after winning his fight. Is WWE’s current Universal Champion still on his way back to UFC?
According to UFC President Dana White, it certainly does seem likely that Lesnar will be coming back to the octagon very soon. Despite winning back one of the top titles in WWE, White remains confident that a future fight involving Lesnar will be taking place in the not too distant future. While speaking to ESPN, White admitted that he has not spoken to Brock in a while, but even though he is back in WWE, White did mention that Cormier’s next fight is expected to be against Lesnar. It has been reported in the past that a potential fight between Lesnar and Cormier likely wouldn’t be taking place until 2019. Next year could prove to be another successful year for UFC if the huge fight does indeed transpire.

Fans continue to speculate on whether or not Brock Lesnar will be coming back to the octagon to take on Daniel Cormier, but interestingly enough, Cormier may be coming to him. While speaking to Busted Open Radio, the current UFC champion opened up about joining WWE someday. Despite some concern relating to his age, 40, Cormier is open to the idea of moving over to the world of pro wrestling in the future. Daniel Cormier is a huge fan of WWE, and he talked about having respect for the travel and punishment that wrestlers put their bodies through nearly every day. Perhaps the reported fight between Lesnar and Cormier could end up taking place in a wrestling ring instead of an octagon.
“Am I saying that it is out of the realm of possibility to do a one-off here and there? I would be into it, but I’d be more of a protector of the announce table going forward.” Cormier said.

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