Daniele Bagnoli got axed from Fenerbahce

A famous Italian head coach, Daniele Bagnoli, was the first victim of Fenerbahce Istanbul’s failures in the Champions League and the Turkish League as well and he lost his job. The activists of the team has already started a search a new trainer.


Daniele Bagnoli has been the head coach of Fenerbahce Istanbul since July, 2012. Within the six months, he led his team to four victories in Turkish League while lost 5 times and they are occupying only sixth place in the scoring table.

In the Champions League, Fenerbahce achieved only one win taking the last spot in the pool standings, as the result, Ivan Miljkovic and rest were eliminated from the European competition. The after-effect under the leadership of Daniele Bagnoli, including the Champions League and the Turkish League, is not impressive and it looks as follows: 5 win (0,8 per month) and 10 defeats.

It is said that one of candidate for the new coach of Fenerbahce Istanbul is Stelian Moculescu, who actually is working in Germany for VFB Friedrichshafen.

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