Dolph Ziggler Talks About Sunday’s Triple Threat US Title Match

On last night’s episode of SmackDown Live, we saw Bobby Roode get the upper-hand on Dolph Ziggler and WWE United States Champion Baron Corbin after a non-title match between Corbin and Ziggler ended in a disqualification due to Roode’s interference. In the Fallout video below, Ziggler talks to Dasha Fuentes and comments on how one could say that Roode has momentum going into their Triple Threat Match at Sunday’s Clash of Champions PPV but Roode is just getting Ziggler back for what he did to him. Ziggler also says that Roode comes out all smiles but underneath the robe and everything else is a real-life scumbag low-life and it shows in his eyes. Ziggler says that he sees it every time he walks past Roode. Ziggler says that there is no momentum or upper-hand.
Ziggler rants some more and says that it is all about beating everyone who says it’s time for him to go because he’s staying in WWE and will become champion, the one to represent the United States. Ziggler also says that he is the US Champion every day of his life and he will have a title to prove it after Sunday. Ziggler then says that he doesn’t care who it is or what he does, he’s the best and he will prove that on Sunday.
Below is the fallout video of Dolph Ziggler’s backstage interview:



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