Donate to help Billy Monger beat life changing injuries

You’ve probably all seen the appeal for Billy Monger on social media, and for good reasons, but we just want to make sure this tragic story and solicitation for help is once again properly heard.

Formula 4 driver Billy Monger, from Charlwood, Surrey was involved in a horrific crash on Sunday in Donington when he ran into the back of another which had stopped on the track during the race.

The 17-year-old was painfully extracted from his car after two hours and airlifted to hospital where he was placed in an induced coma while he underwent surgery which unfortunately resulted in the amputation of his lower legs.

A JustGiving page has been set up to raise funds for the teenager’s future with the blessing of his family and with the aim of raising £260,000.

“Thousands of people have already watched the haunting footage of the crash which left Billy fighting for his life. Sadly, Billy has had amputations to both legs,” said a statement on the page.

“We now need your kindness and support to help give Billy and his family the best chance to fight these injuries that will affect Billy’s life so massively.”

F1i sends its best vibes to you Billy. Life has thrown a huge challenge your way, but we are all behind you. Stay strong young man!

And let’s all pull together for this.

JustGiving – Billy Monger web site

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