e-label Fat Kyds launches

Released last November, the official launch of Fatkyds.co.uk is looking to take place this March. The e-tailer features a range of high-end limited edition t-shirts designed by renowned artists. The artisan designers use their inspiration to create collectable items that blur the lines between clothing and art.

Fat Kyds is all about individuality and expressing ones personality through clothing. The idea initially stemmed from the desire to create a label that would be able to merge the love for art, music and fashion. Artist Athier Mousawi has created the first t-shirt series for Fat Kyds. The brand also teamed up with charity Nordoff Robbins and will be donating one pound per sold t-shirt in aid of the charity.

Fat Kyds is launched as a niche label and the founder decided to take a selective route PR wise. The brand wants to appeal to the right target group, hence it’s not sending out mass mailings to stay true to its core ideas.

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