Enzo Amore Either Turning Heel at SummerSlam or Going Back to NXT

It was announced on the most recent edition of Raw that Big Cass will be facing the Big Show at SummerSlam this year. In that match, Enzo Amore is going to be suspended above the ring in a shark cage. Believe it or not, this is the first time in WWE history that a babyface will be forced to stay in the cage during a match, but the company could be keeping the tradition alive in a way. The statistic was noted on the Wrestling Observer Live show and Bryan Alvarez seemed to assert that Amore will probably be turning heel during the match. This likely means that Enzo will find a way to help his friend The Big Show lose the match.
Big Cass recently turned on Enzo Amore and cut a scathing promo on him beforehand wherein he acknowledged that he is “the star” of the team. Despite this, Alvarez fully expects Enzo to drop some sort of foreign object down to the mat that could actually help Cass gain the win.  If that does happen, the belief is that Enzo Amore may actually reunite with Cass and work as a heel team for a while. It seems odd given that the team did just split up, however, multiple fans and backstage officials have been uncertain of how well the two of them could do in WWE on their own. Enzo Amore in particular does not have any sort of direction in WWE after his feud with Big Cass concludes.
This could be why WWE might have another backup plan. The UK’s The Sun is now reporting that Enzo Amore may actually be sent back down to NXT soon. The rumored Superstar Shakeup following SummerSlam will supposedly include a provision that WWE stars can be sent down to NXT. This move makes sense as Enzo is currently one of the least popular wrestlers in the entire locker room. Rumors of Enzo having heat due to being obnoxious and bringing unwanted guests (namely strippers) backstage are the main reasons why he is so disliked at the moment by the WWE locker room. The match involving Enzo will be taking place on August 20th at SummerSlam.

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