Enzo Amore Explains Why He And Former Partner Big Cass Have Heat

 Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore was the guest on Corey Graves’ Straight To The Source on the WWE Network this week. Here are the highlights (transcript courtesy of Wrestling Inc).
Issues with Big Cass:
“I wish him nothing but the best. Am I going to do business with him? That’s one thing, but nothing. How many times do I have to tell you that?…Me and Cass don’t talk anymore. I wish him nothing but the best, honestly. Nobody ever wants to see a guy get hurt because this is how we feed our families. This is how you do it – you get paid to wrestle, alright? And the WWE provides great healthcare and when you’re injured, they take care of you when you’re not on the road. But you’re not making the same money as the damn champ, not when you’re not on the road.”

Successful because of his perseverance:

“I’ve been picked up by Big Cass and thrown down the ramp onto metal. Have you ever seen that before in this business? No, no, that’s a mighty big fall from the top of the ramp, straight down to the bottom onto concrete. He picked me up over his head and thrown me 14 feet to the ground. Have you seen a guy straight up gorilla pressed onto the ground maybe? No, no, no. The difference between me and other people is I always persevere, alright? I’m the champ for a reason, because every time I got knocked down, I got back up.”

Cass not finishing the match he got injured in:
“While there is no ‘I’ in ‘TEAM’, Big Cass, there is in ‘EA’, Enzo Amore, okay? So a little heat with Big Cass not being able to finish the match? I finished that match just like I always do. Just like I made him finish that match when he threw me out of that ring 14 feet, I beat that 10-count at nine. I got back into that ring and I knew I didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell. He ran back at me with that big boot because I made him finish it like a damn man, okay? And when the bell rings, ding-ding-ding, [Graves] know[s] how this business works, okay? You finish the damn match, point blank, period. That’s it and I always finish, even if I’m finishing on my back. Do you know what I mean?”

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