Famous Kiteboarding Canine Missing; $3,500 Reward Offered

ST. PETERSBURG, FL — He’s been featured in videos, commercials and at events around the state. But now Zeus, the kiteboarding Jack Russell terrier, is being featured in a missing dog reward poster.

Zeus, known for his kiteboarding canine skills, was dog-napped on Sunday, Nov. 4, during a kiteboarding competition at the Sunshine Skyway Bridge beach.

The dog is a constant companion of 16-year-old Cameron Maramenides, a member of Team USA’s 2020 Olympic kiteboarding team.

“He always comes to the beach with us. no matter what,” said Maramenides.

Maramenides and his father, world-famous kiteboarder Dimitri Maramenides, were competing Sunday while Zeus, as was his habit, watched and waited from the back of Maramenides’ pickup truck.

A friend was keeping an eye on Zeus by the parking lot but had stepped away to use the bathroom.

When Cameron Maramenides finished the his round, he headed to the truck to check on Zeus but the black and white dog was nowhere to be found.

“One of our friends said he saw him playing with an older guy, around 60,” said Maramenides.

Witnesses said the man picked up the dog and drove away with him in a gray Toyota Camry.

The family is now offering a $3,500 reward for Zeus’ return, no questions asked.

They’ve also hired Fort Lauderdale pet detective Jamie Katz to help find the dog. Just this week, Katz was instrumental in helping return a service dog to a Land O’ Lakes Army veteran after the two were separated following a car accident (see related story).

“We believe this person was most likely a good Samaritan who thought Zeus was lost,” said Katz. “We do not think this man was taking Zeus for any other reason than to help him.”

Katz has been combing the streets, putting up reward posters and following up on sightings.

“While we are not sure if the information we have is 100 percent credible, we are following up on every lead given to us,” she said. “Zeus’s family is absolutely devastated.”

“It’s a heartbreak,” said the teen. “All me and my family want is to have our baby boy back. We really just need a hero to step up and help us get our dog back.”

Zeus is a 7-year-old black and white wired-haired Jack Russell terrier. He weighs about 17 pounds.

Anyone with information should contact Katz at 919-280-6979.

Images via Jamie Katz , Maramenides family

Video via Youtube

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