Female IPS Officer Combats Fake News With Folk Songs And Drum Beats In Telangana

‘Information is only useful when it can be understood’. This phrase holds true for millennial in today’s generation where everything is available to the public at a click of a button. Social media websites and rapid globalization has indeed made the world very small.

Gone are the days when a postcard would take a month’s time to spread the news of the famous battle of Waterloo. There were scarce sources available to verify news. Information was a monopoly at that time. However, fake news for a change has more buyers. As it is said, a lie said a hundred times becomes the truth.

One such incident took place in Wanaparthy district in Telangana. A furious mob was waiting outside a young man’s house because if rumors to be believed he was a ‘child trafficker’. Without a smart investigation, that man would have been beaten to death. However, Rema Rajeshwari, a 2009 batch IPS officer not only saved the man but also acquitted him of all the charges.

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