First Ever J&K International Film Festival Will Take Place In Pune, People Extremely Excited!

Film lovers in Jammu and Kashmir are excited these days. History is about to be made as the first ever Jammu & Kashmir International Film Festival (J&KIFF) will take Place in Pune next week.

The three-day (4-6 February) festival is being held with an aim to showcase the culture and lifestyle of the valley residents. “We are screening around 20 films in the festival and comprise the films pertaining to J&K only.

This is truly a good opportunity for us to exhibit the culture, lifestyle, development and other stories from all regions of J&K, through the medium of film to the viewers of Pune. Besides, it will also provide a platform to all the filmmakers from the valley, especially the young and amateur,” says festival director Mushtaaque Ali Ahmad Khan.

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