Fmf… Wtf??

I try not to sound like a broken record. I know that I occasionally need to step down from my ivory tower here in Austin. I try to be objective and don’t want to be that guy, the one who does nothing but criticize. There are plenty of those.

But the FMF makes it so easy.

Their latest moves were enough to raise the unibrow of one Nery Castillo. “I thought I was crazy.”

Mexico has scheduled some friendlies to close out the year. Good friendlies against good teams. That’s not crazy, as far as I know.

They have decided to go the interim route for these games, and name the National Team coach at the beginning of next year. So far so good. The Crazy alarms have yet to be tripped.

FMF plans to use two interim coaches. Hmmm. That’s a little odd. Who gets the gig?

Enrique Meza will be the coach for the Spain game as a tribute to his career. Great club coach, no arguments from me. His National team record, though, was a atrocious. In his 19 games, Mexico lost 11, their first loss ever at Azteca (in an official capacity), and he left Mexico on the verge of missing Korea/Japan.

The other guy will be Efrain Flores. He has had limited experience as an MFL coach and is currently the Head of Football Strucuture for Chivas. He found out about being an interim coach a few minutes before it was officially announced.

That's a lot of things, and maybe just a little crazy.

Here's the capper: FMF decided to ratify another term for Justino Compean and Decio de Maria.

That is five alarm crazy.

The tenure of these two has been defined by what Mexican teams did not accomplish as opposed to what they did. There were failures to qualify for a U17, a U20, and the Olympics. They had to use 4 coaches for the Senior Squad, the last coming again to pull Mexico out of the fire in qualifying yet again.

But they generated revenue. A lot of it. A boatload. Which, as we all know is the true measure for success in the FMF.

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