Formula 1 to extend 2021 tech regulations deadline to October

Formula 1’s initial end of June deadline to set the regulations in stone will likely be extended to October following a meeting in Montreal on Saturday between the sport’s managers and the teams.

A draft of the all-important tech rules and commercial covenants to be ushered in from 2021 was submitted to the teams last week, but subsequent discussions with Liberty Media and the FIA led to the conclusion that more fine-tuning would be required before freezing the various 2021 proposals.

However, reports suggest that Renault was in favour of sticking to the June deadline, a position that could complicate matters as an extension of the deadline to October requires the unanimous consent of all teams per the FIA’s sporting code.

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Speaking to Sky F1 during this morning’s FP3 session, Red Bull team boss Christian Horner declared himself in favour of extending the discussions on the tech regulations between all engaged parties in order to clarify and polish a series of details.

“There was a very constructive discussion this morning between the Liberty guys, the president Mr Todt and the teams, a discussion about postponing that to October,” said Horner

“The principles are fundamentally agreed. Like all these things the devil is in the detail.

“While the principles are absolutely right for the way for the sport to move forward, there are some details that are a bit immature that would benefit from all parties sitting around a table and thrashing it out.”

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