Forum Thread of the Day: “Best 50-degree wedge options?”

Today’s Forum Thread of the Day comes from pmcuk who is on the lookout for a 50-degree wedge for his son. Pmcuk’s son has previously been playing a Vokey wedge with 12 degrees of bounce but has been finding that to be too much and our members have been giving their advice, sharing several different wedges and bounce options which they feel could be more suitable.

Here are a few posts from the thread, but make sure to check out the entire discussion and have your say at the link below.

  • North Butte: “Vokey make two options in 50 degrees. One is the 50.08, which is the most often-seen version in my experience. And there is the 50.12 model your son doesn’t like. Would the same basic sole shape with four degrees less bounce be something he might like? I also have a 52.08 model which seems quite low bounce to me. Vokeys are typically bendable up to 2 degree weak or strong. Bend that one down to the 50.06, and it would be a quite low bounce, medium-width sole gap wedge. He might like that a lot.”
  • BeachsideGolfer: “Mizuno MP T5…GREAT wedge, can be had on the cheap brand new on eBay.”
  • aenemated: “I can’t speak specifically for the 50° – but I have the 52° TaylorMade MG “Standard Bounce” … 12° I think … and man, I love that wedge. It’s pretty much my go-to for everything under 80 yards except bunker play – have the 58° for that. It has a nice, square look at setup and the milled bottom seems to glide off the turf real nice. Most of the courses I play around here have a pretty tight cut around the greens, and it performs great off that. Really big fan of these wedges.”
  • Ski5280: “I play the 50.08 Vokey. Maybe a little less bounce will work better for him. I know that I struggle with high bounce wedges. I like the Vokey, and it works well for me, but I do have my eye on the new Mizuno line coming out in September.”

Entire Thread: “Best 50-degree wedge options?”

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