Forum Thread of the Day: “Favorite Miura irons?”

Today’s Forum Thread of the Day comes from theothertwo who created a discussion on Miura irons. Theothertwo asked fellow members which set of Miura irons are their favorite and why, and our members have been sharing their experiences using different models from the brand.

Here are a few posts from the thread but make sure to check out the entire discussion and have your say at the link below.

  • cflo2382: “I wouldn’t consider myself an expert as I just started bagging Miura this year, but I really like the MC-501s that I am playing. They look incredible, feel fantastic, and perform wonderfully. I have a backup set of the CB-57 2i-PW which are also excellent. However, I think my favorite (just by looks alone) are the 1957 Baby Blades. I’ve heard about these for years and saw them in person for the first time a few months ago.. AND now I’m currently trying to hunt down a set for myself.”
  • kizdoc: “Love my custom Miura Giken MB 5003 as well as my BBs.”
  • NYCGolfNut: “Have owned a set of Miura BBs, and on good strikes, there was really nothing better. Gorgeous looks and feel. But they were a little too much to play regularly if you don’t put in the practice and work.”
  • raynorfan1: “Small blades. I also really like the CB202 in the long irons (2/3/4).”

Entire Thread: “Favorite Miura irons?”

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