Forum Thread of the Day: “Set gap wedge vs specialist gap wedge”

Today’s Forum Thread of the Day comes from clemsontiger1 who asks fellow members what they feel are the advantages and disadvantages of playing a “gap wedge that matches your iron set vs a Vokey type wedge”. Our members share their thoughts on the subject, with many drawing from experience.

Here are a few posts from the thread, but make sure to check out the entire discussion and have your say at the link below.

  • kcd38: “I had a Vokey type gap wedge up until I got my i210’s. I really only used my 51-degree Vokey for full swings anyway, so the i210 U wedge gives me more forgiveness and consistency from 120 yards. I have also loved using it around the green to chip to back/uphill pin locations. The only drawback I can see is being able to rip shots back on the green, but the U wedge gives me plenty of spin to control the ball and hold greens.”
  • Albatross85: “Played a Vokey 50* for last five years and always felt like I got punished on slight mis-strikes. I recently switched to a Set GW at 50* and kept the same shaft that I play in my irons, and it’s been amazing how much more confident I am with it. Actually made an ace with it a few weeks back!”
  • Celbros: “I much prefer a set Gap Wedge. It is strictly a full-swing club for me for what it’s worth.”
  • jokerusn: “I go all the way to PW with my Vokey wedges. I like to hit 1/2, 3/4, knockdowns, pitches, sand shots, etc. with all of them and the PW in my set has a really wide sole compared to the rest of the set. I like the extra spin I get from the Vokey wedges around the green.”

Entire Thread: “Set Gap Wedge vs Specialist gap wedge”

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