Found Buried In Montana Snow, 'Fluffy' Is Now Amazing

KALISPELL, MT — Fluffy, a cat from Montana, is alive and well after she was “essentially frozen” when her owners found her buried in the snow.

The Animal Clinic of Kalispell, Montana treated Fluffy who was found buried in the snow on Jan.31. Andrea Dutter, the executive director of the clinic, told Patch via email that she had spoken to the cat’s owners who said on Thursday that “Fluffy is amazing!”

The owners brought Fluffy in to the clinic after she was found in the snow. A photo on the animal clinic’s Facebook page shows the cat completely covered in thick clumps of snow and appearing to be motionless. On Facebook, the clinic wrote that the cat was unresponsive when her owners brought her in.

According to Dutter, the clinic speculated that Fluffy endured some kind of trauma that prevented her from getting to safe place.

CNN reported that when Fluffy was brought in to the clinic her temperature was so low it did not even register on a thermometer. The clinic warmed up Fluffy and put her in a heated kennel, according to CNN. She was back home after a night in the ER.

“Her temperature was very low but after many hours she recovered and is now completely normal,” the animal clinic said on Facebook.

Main photo via Animal Clinic of Kaspell

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