Golf + cartoons = GolfToons: Meet the men behind the comics

From the classic golfer’s tan to service dogs hunting for stray balls, no golfing reality or fantasy lies out of reach for cartoonist Marty Glass and marketeer Michael Duranko the brains behind GolfToons. A side-hustle between these golfing buddies, the golf cartoon venture is now in full swing appealing to golfers, observers, and the un-athletic alike.

While golf and cartooning may seem a finite pairing, life lessons and inside jokes like capturing the “Infamous Just-A-Wee-Bit Short Pose” have yet to miss the green. “There’s a lot more to be tapped here,” says Glass. “I never would’ve thought golf would yield so much material.”

With cold beverages in hand after a round with their golf league, the duo began realizing the potential in 2018. In a New Yorker black and white, distinct style, somewhat reminiscent of Gary Larson’s The Far Side, Glass creates everything from golf moms to mid-life golf crises: “I have to break 80 before I’m 40,” thinks one GolfToon on the fairway. First with a pencil sketch then with a Rotring Cartridge or old fashioned dip pens, Glass illustrates the golf life that both he and Duranko wish to celebrate. It can take one draft or 30, but the partnership maintains high hopes for the future.

After joining the golfing community at ages seven, both Glass and Duranko hope to share what their fathers taught them: a love for the sport that ages perfectly with you. And while Duranko has traveled the many greens of the world, spanning everywhere from Scotland, Ireland to Pebble Beach, his favorite course is just steps from his home, Sara Bay Country Club in Sarasota, Florida. Glass though sites the Trent Jones Golf Trail in Alabama as his favorite golf destination. He claims no one can grow golf turf like Alabama.

Each GolfToon is presented as a blog post with a bit of comedic commentary and/or the wry perspective of the weekly municipal golfer blending eternal optimism with the futility that every golfer knows.

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