Golfer given 58 penalty strokes at the Senior LPGA Championship after being unaware of one rule change

Lee Ann Walker was assessed 58 penalty strokes at the Senior LPGA Championship on Tuesday after violating Rule 10.2b multiple times during her first two rounds at the event.

The rule prohibits caddies from lining up their golfers, and Walker was notified of her misdemeanour during her second round after a playing partner’s caddie informed her that the act is prohibited.

After displaying an incredible memory of her first round at the Pete Dye Course, 42 strokes were then added to Walker’s opening-round score which ended up being a total of 127, while 16 strokes were added to her round two total which resulted in a round of 90.

Speaking to Doug Ferguson of Associated Press, Walker explained how she was unaware of the new rule change which prevents caddies from lining up golfers on the green and other areas of the course.

Ironically, the former LPGA player was not disqualified from the event thanks to another rule change which previously would have seen Walker DQ’d for signing an incorrect scorecard.

Despite the enormous amount of penalty strokes, Walker stated how she was happy to see out the tournament and left the event at French Lick Resort in a positive mood.

“Because it was a DQ and I wasn’t injured – I wasn’t going to withdraw with an injury – that was my score, and everyone gets to see it. I’m glad I went. I got to see a lot of great friends, it was a great golf course, great event. Everything was great except for my penalties.”

Without the penalties, Walker would have missed the cut by one stroke.

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