Grand Jury Indicts Former Officer Amber Guyger For Murder

DALLAS, TX — A Dallas County grand jury has indicted Dallas Police officer Amber Guyger, 30, for murder after she allegedly killed her neighbor Botham Jean, 26. The grand jury reached their decision Friday afternoon.

Guyger, who has been charged with manslaughter initially, was fired Sept. 24 following a hearing, Dallas PD tweeted.

“An internal affairs investigation concluded that on Sept. 9, 2018, Officer Guyger engaged in adverse conduct when she was arrested for manslaughter,” DPD stated.

Guyger entered Jean’s apartment by mistake, apparently thinking it was her own, on Sept. 9. The incident occurred just before 10 p.m. at an apartment at 1210 S. Lamar St. According to reports, Guyger was going home after a shift, still wearing her Dallas police uniform, when she entered the wrong apartment. Police said at a news conference following the shooting that at some point after entering the apartment, Guyger fired her weapon, apparently thinking Jean was an intruder.

A YouTube video shows Guyger moments after the shooting, according to The Washington Post. She is seen pacing while on a phone call.

The DDP “continues to feel anguish about this difficult and tragic event that occurred,” Dallas police chief U. Renee Hall said in a news release Friday afternoon.

“We recognize and understand the national discord regarding the relationship between law enforcement and the communities we serve,” Hall added. “We have developed the framework for policy change, have supported the restructuring of the Citizen Review Board, pushed to exceed the basic requirements of implicit bias training, and have relied on input from our employee advisory and community advisory boards. We have more work to do and we remain committed to improving our relationships throughout the city. … Please continue to pray for the Botham Jean family, the Dallas Police Department, and the City of Dallas as a whole.”

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Photo via Dallas Police Department

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