Group of Death Shmroup of Death

So FIFA did what we all expected and put the CONCACAF teams in the same pot as Asia. A Group of Death seems only a formality for at least one CONCACAF team, maybe two.

Ain’t no point in cryin’ about something you can’t change.

What the teams can do is take a page from what Mexico did in 1994: win the Group of Death. Mexico’s performances since that world cup earned them a seed in Germany, which, unfortunately, they squandered.

So if the draw surrounds your side with bluebloods and johnny-come-latelys, remember, they don’t wanna see your team, either. Being the also-ran in the group of death takes all the pressure off.

I can cite examples: Denmark – 1986, Mexico – 1994, Paraguay – 1998, Sweden – 2002, Ghana –2006. Of course, none of these teams survived past the round of 16, but that’s beside the point.

In conclusion, a quick note about FIFA. At least major league baseball finally started using video replay. And if your sport is behind baseball in keeping up with times, that’s sayin’ something. Footie has high tech fields, high tech lighting, high tech footwear, high tech advertising, and now a ball that is more spherical than ever. Yet, FIFA refuses to use video replay. I would only use it on goal plays, and it would take all of 30 seconds to determine if a goal should stand.

If FIFA allows players to writhe in the shear faux agony of a trumped up injury to the point that stretchers and ice cream trucks have to come out to cart these injured souls away (only to be miraculously cured by a combination of the magic sponge and the healing powers from the glow of the Fly Emirates LED), then they can spare 30 seconds to see if a goal should stand or not.

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