Here Are The Cities With Best, Worst Quality Of Life

NEW YORK, NY — Everyone can agree that having a high quality of life is a good thing. That’s easy. Pegging what exactly goes into it is a bit trickier. Fortunately the folks at Numbeo quantified it using data and put together a list of cities in North America that have the best quality of life.

Raleigh has the highest quality of life in North America, according to the index. The North Carolina city scored 215.24 overall and ranked 2nd in buying power, 5th in safety, 6th in pollution and 14th in property price to income ratio out of 59 cities. Raleigh also ranked 15th for health care, 19th in climate, 29th in traffic commute time and 34th in cost of living.

Madison, Wisconsin came in just behind on the index, followed by nearby Charlotte. Here are the top 10 cities for quality of life:

    Detroit ranked dead last on the index with a score of 132.83. Michigan’s largest city was the least safe of all cities and had the single worst commute time, even ahead of Los Angeles. Detroit was also among the worst in the nation for buying power, health care and pollution.

    New York City had the second-lowest quality of life on the index, followed by Winnipeg, Regina and Toronto, all in Canada. Miami, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Las Vegas were the next-lowest.

    Click any of the following links to see how the metrics were calculated: purchasing power (including rent) index, pollution index, property price to income ratios, cost of living index, safety index, climate index, health index and traffic index.

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