I think we're in Kansas, Toto

[EDIT – and by golly, they did break ground a day later. Congratulations to the Wizards and their fans!]

[Wait, a DAY later, to start a stadium? I gotta make an appointment for a freaking oil change on the weekends.]

I shouldn't bite on this. No ground has been broken, the economy is still driving a bright green Yugo in the slums of Scheissburg, and the stadium was apparently designed by Claude Monet.

And if I had a nickel for every time a premature stadium or franchise announcement was trumpeted on MLSnet, I'd have…a dollar or so, at least.

But man, I'm pulling for this particular tooth fairy. The Kansas City Wizards have been on Dame Fortune's sh*tlist since MLS had teams in Florida. A decade of horrible uniforms. A logo that brought all the homophobe soccer fans out of the closet…okay, y'know, let me work on that metaphor. Being dumped by Lamar Hunt. Moving from an oversized NFL stadium to a wacky minor league ballpark. Choking themselves out of the playoffs, whenever they deigned to attend the playoffs at all. Being used as a steppingstone in the career of Curt ********ing Onalfo. Even their double-winner is possibly the most despised and detested MLS champion ever.

They were moved to the East, which all but obliterated their rivalries with Colorado, Dallas and Los Angeles. And seventeen out of the next eighteen expansion teams were to their west, which means they're stuck trying to break into the Mutual Hatred Society of the Atlantic seaboard. Sure, they hate Chicago, but everyone hates Chicago and Chicago hates everyone. The Fire are the M. Bison of MLS.

And whenever there's a "move such-and-such MLS team" thread, who is suggested even more than Chivas USA? The Wizards.

You know who used to get mentioned along with Kansas City in that context? Colorado and Dallas. Until they built stadiums, that is.

So if Kansas City does what more than a half dozen MLS teams have already done – but, and I love this stat, which no NASL team ever even considered – that's a cause for dancing in the streets of both Kansas Cities. Soccer fans across the country should cheer for this, even diehard Wizards-haters. If there were such a thing.

Construction is supposed to start tomorrow, says the article. I should wait 24 hours before being giddy. But…I can't get over it. How well is soccer doing in this country? The Kansas God-Damned City Freaking Wizards are here to stay.

(Unless there's a strike.)

(I don't think there's going to be a strike, either, by the way, but that's a different topic.)

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