Is Roman Reigns In Trouble For What He Said About Lesnar On RAW?

Roman Reigns entered Monday Night Raw to boos and exited to cheers which seems to be a rare occurrence for the superstar fans refuse to embrace.
What earned him the adoration of the fans? A promo he cut where he bashed WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar for being entitled and hiding behind his contract. As noted by AllWrestling’s earlier reports, Lesnar was not at RAW, despite being advertised to have a confrontation with his WrestleMania opponent. 
During his promo, Reigns alluded to the fact that he would get an “ass chewing” for saying what he had to say. Reigns praised all the guys backstage while trashing Lesnar for only showing up for select spots. However, Dave Meltzer reported on the Wrestling Observer website that the spot was actually planned, despite trying to come off us an unplanned promo where Reigns shot from the hip. Meltzer said Reigns will not get any backstage heat for the tirade. 

In fact, this may be WWE hinting a bit at its dissatisfaction with Lesnar for providing a distraction to their Elimination Chamber pay-per-view by showing up in a picture with Dana White of the UFC. Rumors of Lesnar bolting WWE to UFC have been steady and only ramped up after White’s social media post. It has been widely rumored that Lesnar will drop the belt to Reigns at WrestleMania because his days in WWE may be numbered and it would give RAW more of a fighting champion. We will have to stay tuned to find out if this all speculation or not. 

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