Islamic Azad University Champion of Women’s Volleyball Super league


The 13th  time  of the women’s Super League of Iran volleyball with participating 6 teams started on 21th  November 2014 and after 10 weeks challenge came to an end on Friday 13th 2015. The Islamic Azad University team got the championship. Among this year’s teams, 3 were new comers, 3 remaining teams were last year teams. Team of Zobahan from Isfahan as the most prestigious team holds 5 champions, 3 vice champions and 1 third rank in her awards showcase.

This year all volleyball leagues of Iran including men and women were called after the name of late Hussein MAADANI the ex-player, coach and head coach of the men’s senior volleyball team of Iran.

By the last match of super league, the case of women’s super league of year 2014-2015 was closed. In this match Islamic Azad University played versus Zobahan. Rank of teams prior to the last match had been defined.

The match lasted five sets Azad university 3-2(25-19, 13-25, 25-22, 16-25, 15-12) smashed Zobahan for triumphing the gold medal.

Final Ranking of the teams:

$11-      Islamic Azad University   – 27 points

$12-      Zobahan of Isfahan – 21 points

$13-      Gas of Tehran – 20 points

$14-      Mizan Khorasan –  16 points

$15-      Shahrdari Urmia – 3 points

$16-      Heyat Volleyball Fars – 3 points


Statically Analyze of team’s performance

In format of Home & Away 30 matches were done in this season. 23 matches (%77) ended with by result of 3-0, these shows that most of the teams were powerful.4 matches ended by 3-1 it was %13, only 3 remained matches (%10 )finished by 3-2 sets.


Islamic Azad University team

 The champion of this edition tolerated only one defeat from defender of Champion title the Gas of Tehran, in its 9 remaining matches was winner, 5 of them, played as the host team. Altogether added 27 point and ascended to the first step of championship.

Zobahan team

This team was the most prestigious one of the super league during the previous 12 editions. Altogether by 7 win and 3 loss came out from the league of current year. As the champion holder, this team tasted 6 matches by 3-0 win. But from loss point had 2 more matches than Islamic Azad university team.

Gas of Tehran

The defender of champion title in this period by 7 wins and 3 losses declined into the third rank, so achieved the bronze medal.

Mizan Korassan

Mizan team from Mashad city was one of the pretender teams. Just only by one difference point was following Gas team and stood at the 4th rank. This team had 5 win and 5 lose.

Both teams of Shardari Urmia and Heyat Fars respectively stood at 5th and 6th rank. They did not show good performance in this championship and just done only one win.

“Mizan khorassan could gain the 4th rank of the super league. The main ability of our team was in this level. We could not expect more than this from the team. During the season we had not an experienced Libero player.” Mitra Shabanian head coach of Mizan team said. “At the last match in front of Gas of Tehran my players did not show good performance and they did not play at their own stage. Since the rival team had good experience, they got the win”, head coach continued.

Regarding the quality level of the super league Mitra noted: “The quantity of the teams in this season was good and the quality was high. 4 good teams helped to increase of the league level.”


Fariba Sadeghi head coach of Zobahan team of Isfahan said: “We put behind a good league. Each week we witnessed attractive games which were unpredictable.” Regarding the last match versus Islamic Azad University team she noted: “It seemed that by specifying the category of teams from beforehand the players did not had necessary emotion for the match, but we were witnessed that both teams for achieving win showed high efforts. Despite of the defeat, my players did a good performance even we did not our main players with us inside the playing ground.

Regarding repeating the previous title she noted: “Last season we had non – local players from Isfahan city in our team, we achieved vice champion title. But this year with junior and U23 players we got this rank, in my opinion it is a progress.”

Regarding the quality of matches she added:” Despite the limited number of teams from quality point we saw good games. Each week we observed attractive games which were beyond anticipation.”

Maryam Hashemi head coach of the Islamic Azad University team noted: “The quality level of the league was satisfying; all the teams were motivated and had entered into the championship with hope of attaining the champion title.” Regarding the last match she continued: “Altogether the matches of last day were fantastic, since our team from before had gained the champion title, preserving players motivation was a hard task. Howbeit this situation in an honor game both teams performed good maneuver. I’m so glad that the game went to tie break and we took it. With cooperation and hard work we extended this title. All technical staff has portion in this champion title, without presence of each of them performing this task for us would become hard. My plyers by doing hard and compacted trainings reached to this title. All of us by backing each other performed good games and at last ascended to the champion title.

In last sentences regarding the league quality she gave her views as below:” This year we had a very good league. In Comparison this year’s league was better than last year’s .Players were divided into the teams and they performed well performance.Actually teams had motivation for being champion and with this hope had come to the games. “  




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