James Corden Saves The World By Getting The Jonas Brothers Back Together

The world is consumed with problems, James Corden lamented on “The Late Late Show”  Monday night.

“I haven’t felt good about anything since 2013,” Corden said. “Barack Obama was the president. Same-sex marriage was legalized. Justin Bieber bought a monkey. I mean the list is endless.”

Corden’s band leader, Reggie Watts, responded: “2013 was pretty cool. It’s just a shame that the Jonas Brothers split up.”

Suddenly, Corden had a mission: “We’ve got to get them back together! It’s the only way to fix all of this.”

With that, Corden and Watts were off on a caper involving kidnapping and an encounter with Dr. Phil.

Check out the video below to see what Corden did when he came face to face with “Nick … Kevinthis guy.”

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