John Cena Interviews – Cena evaluates NXT stars transitioning to main WWE roster, which star is most under-rated?, not wanting children while on WWE’s full-time schedule, more


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The John Cena File

– published a video clip from John Cena’s interview with Larry King on Ora.TV focusing on the NXT/indies talent being assembled by WWE. A caller wanted to know what Cena thinks of the likes of Shinsuke Nakamura, Samoa Joe, A.J. Styles, and Finn Balor arriving or on their way to the main roster.

Cena diplomatically did not address specific wrestlers listed by the caller. After explaining to Larry King and the viewers what NXT is, Cena said wants to sit back and wait to see which NXT wrestlers essentially get over on the main roster.

“I like to see people who can resonate with that audience (NXT) and I like to see what they can do with our audience,” Cena said. “So, essentially I’m not sure. Just because someone can resonate with the NXT audience, the Raw experience, the Smackdown experience, the continual live experience on a grander stage could be a little different. So, I like to let them test their waters and see what they can do on our stage, then throw my hat in the ring.”

The interesting comment follows Cena’s U.S. Title Open Challenge series last year where Cena was the first main TV opponent for Sami Zayn and first main roster feud for Kevin Owens, which produced Owens’s introductory best-of-three-series.

– YES! Network released new video clips of John Cena’s interview with TV/radio host Michael Kay on the Centrestage program.

An interesting clip was Cena playing “hit & run” answering rapid-fire questions. Notable was Cena calling Cesaro the most under-rated WWE star on the roster, his crazy pre-match and pre-workout superstitions and routines, and picking Vince McMahon as the best WWE champion of all-time.

– John Cena appeared on Wednesday morning’s edition of “The View” to promote the “American Grit” premiere on Thursday. Included was Cena leading View hosts Candace Cameron Bure and Raven-Symone through a physical challenge.

During the non-physical portion of his appearance, Cena revealed a lot about his mindset when it comes to not being ready for marriage to Nikki Bella and not wanting children while entrenched in the full-time WWE schedule.

Cena said he has been resistant to marriage because he’s been stubborn about it, but he’s starting to become more open to the idea. He’s sticking to his perspective on not having children until after his in-ring career is over, though.

“I’m a very driven individual, and if I have a child, I want to father my child. I travel 240 days per year and I’m in a very rare case of saying I’ve never worked a day in my life. I absolutely love my work. I don’t let anyone say, ‘Oh, the travel stinks.’ I get to be a super-hero. I know that window is very small and it will come to an end. But, I don’t want to bring a child into this world and have another group of people responsible for raising the child. I want to be a father to my child. At this point in my life, there is no feasible way,” Cena said.

Cena also talked about why he branched out to comedy roles last year. “When you do a show (WWE) for a certain amount of time, people know you as that, and only that,” Cena said. “So, I was fortunate enough to get a unique opportunity, it involved a lot of risk, and I’m glad I made a lot of people laugh.”

Cena also played a game of rapid-fire Q&A on The View, similar to Centrestage, with the common answer of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream being his go-to dessert/cheat meal.

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