Jon Rahm’s star-spangled assassin Wimbledon attire floors Thomas Pieters. Rightfully so?

Thomas Pieters tagged in the Twitterian wit that is Eddie Pepperell (and several fashion houses) for his assessment of the comportment of one Jon Rahm as the Irish Open winner took in the action at Wimbledon.

While golf Twitter’s sharpest needle is yet to weigh in, and while we can’t see the full look, Rahm makes some decidedly bold stylistic choices.

  • Black dress shirt? Bold.
  • Black dress shirt with stars? Bolder still.
  • Black dress shirt that (appears to clash with) gray-black jacket? Taco Bell Fire Sauce bold.
  • Patterned blue tie apparently selected at random? Carolina Reaper Madness stuff.

That said, I’m no menswear expert, and my thumb has certainly slipped from the pulse of fashion. Rahm’s look is, however, well…it’s a look.

What say you, WRXers? (and as always, if you don’t care, why did you click through?)

P.S. The concerned will be relieved to see the plague of sartorial madness has not as of yet affected other top European golfers. 


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