Kim Kardashian Posts Photos Showing Her Psoriasis Treatment

Kim Kardashian is sharing her struggle with psoriasis on social media.

The selfie queen shared a candid snap on her Instagram Story on Monday, to show how much having the skin condition is “the sh**ts.”

The image showed her lying down with dark splotches of ointment smeared onto patches of her face, including under her eyes, on her forehead and chin.

“Psoriasis is the sh**ts!” the 38-year-old reality star captioned the pic.

Kardashian, who has been fighting a flare up of the skin condition for the past week, then posted the same photo again with the caption, “It’s just herbal ointment.”

A photo of what appeared to be a light therapy device followed, with Kardashian describing the treatment as, “My new best friend.”

Later, the mom of three — who has another baby on the way — showed how the condition was affecting the rest of her body, posting a photo of her legs, which were covered in red, irritated patches, along with the caption, “Sexy.”

Regardless of skin trouble, Kardashian took part in her makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic’s Master Class on Saturday, where she showed up makeup-free before he showed attendees some of the techniques that he uses on her.

Kardashian recently called out a tabloid for declaring she was having a “bad skin day,” tweeting, “It’s psoriasis all over my face. 😢,” in response.

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