Luxury Brands Inspire “Mom-me” Fashion on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, May 12th. It’s an occasion where children around the world honor their mother’s efforts and love with gifts of thanks. For many young Chinese consumers, their mother is usually the first fashion influencer in their lives — what they wore created a youngster’s first impression regarding fashion and luxury (and we are talking about the pre-social media/self-made fashion bloggers era). It’s only right that luxury brands would join the conversation. This year, we’ve noticed brands offering a diverse range of items — in categories and styles — to make sure there are enough goodies for mom. And smartly, they’ve also linked to e-commerce mobile sits for a speedy checkout. Below are how some luxury brands have interpreted the ‘mom-me’ theme on WeChat to cater to Chinese consumers.

Photo: Burberry WeChat.

Burberry: My best friend
Titled “My best friend, my mom,” Burberry featured a short video of the Italian supermodel Mariacarla Boscono and her kids, which many readers liked, commenting: “MCB queen,” “MCB is so beautiful.” The post highlighted a mom and kids style wallet in the logo B print, a mom’s silk scarf, and multiple bags and jewelry. Some also noted the elegant floral print and vintage color. The campaign attracted overwhelmingly positive responses: within four days, TB chain leather bags — $1,832 (12,500 RMB) — have sold out, and earring sets of — $586 (4,000 RMB) —were also almost sold out.

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Photo: Cartier WeChat.

Cartier: To be her best friend for a day
We spotted a few other brands also using the ‘best friend’ theme, but Cartier stood out with a heartfelt post — “To be her best friends for a day,” featuring Guirlande de Cartier bag in black at the top of the post. The brand also offered a list of products from watches, jewelry, sunglasses, and scarfs. The post attracted 57,000 pageviews and more than 122 likes.

Photo: Gucci WeChat.

Gucci: When my mom is 19
Gucci understands the ever-repetitive cycle of fashion with its distinct vintage styles by posting an imaginary piece titled “When mom is 19” that garnered 100,000 page views and 400 likes within a week. The piece presents snapshots of different mom styles by zooming on their hands, bags, and food. The effect is obvious, but several netizens comment that they like the jewelry from the picture.

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Photo: Louis Vuitton WeChat.

Louis Vuitton: She is weirdly beautiful
With an eye-catching title “She is weird, weirdly beautiful,” Louis Vuitton suggested a new collection to for mothers. The post featured the Monogram Giant Collection, the latest collection with magnified LV initials and star-shaped flowers of the Monogram Giant motif. Products ranged from Speedy Bandoulière 30 handbags priced at $1910 to an oversize key case at $365. The post attracted 100,000 page views and more than 494 likes within five days of posting.

Photo: Hermès scarf/WeChat

Hermès: An orange something
For Mother’s Day, Hermès had a minimal post to pique readers’ interests, including a moving orange heart with a title of “here is a little something in orange,” readers can directly click to the e-commerce site, which is a colorful surprise — it organized gift options by four colors (red, orange, blue, and pink), which may come in handy when selecting just the right color for your mother. Also, they offered a cup for $169 (1,150RMB) and a Kelly wallet for $16,852 (RMB115,000). The post attracted 36,000 pageviews and 106 people liked it.

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