Man With 4cm Metal Object In His Heart Miraculously Saved After Surgery At Noida Hospital

He is a man born again. That’s how friends of Satish Kumar, who works in a steel factory of Sikandrabad in UP, describe the 35-year-old who recently underwent surgery to remove a metallic object that got lodged in his heart.

August 9 was just another usual day at work. Kumar was drilling into iron at his factory. Just then, a part of it that was nearly four centimetres long, snapped and hit him on the chest like a bullet fired from a gun. Before anyone could realise what happened, Kumar was lying on the ground with blood gushing out of his chest.

Scans done at a local hospital revealed that the iron shard had penetrated the chest wall, damaged the lungs and got lodged in the right chamber of the heart.

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