Manchester City vs Watford: Hornets skipper Troy Deeney vows to give ‘absolute beast’ Vincent Kompany one hell of a battle at Wembley

Deeney will go head-to-head with Kompany at Wembley as his Watford side look to stop Pep Guardiola’s men from completing an unprecedented domestic treble, with the showdown LIVE on talkSPORT.

The 30-year-old, highlighting just why he is such a popular and refreshing character in English football, said: “I’m going to just talk about myself here. I think if I play well they’ll have had a very difficult day.

“If there’s a lot of crosses in the box, as much as I really respect Mr Kompany, he would say it’s not going to be an easy day.

“Personally, if I’m on my A game it’ll be a very difficult game for whoever’s playing.

“I don’t mean to be disrespectful but I don’t care what people say about how I play football.

“My only bit of encouragement comes from when I come off the pitch and a player will say ‘great game’, or this, that or the other.”

He added: “I get called fat all the time. You crack on – and it is what it is.

“You can only change people’s perspective by delivering on the pitch and that’s what I’d like to think I’ve done for the large part of my career.

“Me and Vincent Kompany have got a lot of respect for each other.

“I know I have for him, but based on conversations we’ve had, as well as I know, he knows that whenever we’re going up against each other it’s going to be a real battle.

“Because he’s naturally physically strong, I enjoy a physical battle – and neither of us are ever going to back down from one another.

“When you talk about bullying, I always go back to when I was at school.

“A bully was a big kid picking on a little kid, so when we’re both 6ft and pretty wide I don’t really class it as bullying, but we’re definitely going to have a few battles and whoever comes out on top will have a massive impact on the game.”

Kompany, 33, has won four Premier League titles with City, four league Cups and one FA Cup in the past eight years.

Aware that this could be the Belgian’s last game for City, Deeney heaped further praise on Kompany.

“You’ve just got to look at when he came in, in the centre of midfield, everyone was saying he was a waste of money,” he explained.

“He then dropped back into centre-back and was outstanding. I haven’t seen a better centre-half since Rio.

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