Manchester derby: Man United fan tells talkSPORT he wants Man City to win and ‘wouldn’t care if it was 8-0’, just to stop Liverpool winning title

The Old Trafford faithful have been faced with the ultimate of dilemmas ahead of the clash – a win over City would boost their top-four hopes and claim the local bragging rights, but could also hand the Premier League title to old enemies Liverpool.

Many would argue United’s rivalry with the Merseysiders is greater than their rivalry against noisy neighbours City, and a big number of Red Devils supporters would stop at nothing to prevent Liverpool from getting their hands on a 19th league title.

But not all agree, it seems, as Alan Brazil and David Seaman found out when they invited United fans to call into Wednesday’s Sports Breakfast to state who they are backing.

United fan ‘Dibbsy’ had one of the more extreme views, admitting he’d be happy if his beloved team got absolutely tanked by City as long as it thwarted Jurgen Klopp’s Reds.

But that didn’t impress some of his fellow supporters…

The fan of over 50 years said: “I’ve been supporting Manchester United since the ’57 cup final against Aston Villa, and as far as I’m concerned I want Manchester City tonight to stop Liverpool.

“If they beat us 8-0, I don’t care.

“If Liverpool win the Premier League we’ll never hear the flaming end of it, and that’s something I don’t want to hear.”

Jason, a fellow United follower, also admitted he will be backing his blue rivals out of his ‘bitterness’ towards old foes Liverpool.

“I’m a Man United fan but, I hate saying it, I’ll be cheering on Man City tonight,” he said.

“It comes from my childhood, I went to school with a load of Liverpool fans in the 80s when they were the dominant force, so I just don’t want them winning the Premier League. It’s just bitterness, really.”

But, one supporter was absolutely blowing his top when he called into the show later on Wednesday morning, saying it’s ‘embarrassing’ any United fan would back City to win the derby.

“Some of the United fans this morning have just riled me,” Pete fumed. “How could you go to a derby and want to lose because Liverpool might win the league?

“That caller who said, ‘I don’t care if we lose 8-0’, that’s embarrassing! It’s embarrassing that other United fans are saying we should lose against Man City.

“Liverpool are not our biggest rivals, City are out biggest rivals!”

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