Mark Henry Reveals Locker Room Incident Landed Him New WWE Role

One year ago, Former WWE World Champion Mark Henry was celebrating his induction into The WWE Hall Of Fame in New Orleans. Henry recently appeared on The Notsam Wrestling Podcast.
One of the topics that came up was the locker room in WWE today compared to when he was an active member of the roster, citing one particular incident in the locker room today, as seen below:
“Somebody told me that they asked one of the young guys to clean up, and they told him that it wasn’t their job to clean up,” Henry revealed.
When Henry found out about this incident, he put his foot down and opened up about changing the culture of the locker room, as seen below:
“That s**t is going to come to an abrupt stop because I will be at all TV’s and all pay-per-views now,” Henry told Roberts. “This is really new, like within the last two weeks. Every pay-per-view, there is going to be issues within the locker room. We are going to reestablish the leadership chain of command. I am taking a behind the scenes role to keep everyone in balance.”
Following his retirement after WrestleMania 33, Henry took a backstage producer role for the company and is looking to positively impact the locker room in the role.
“I don’t want the business to suffer because of one or two people and not respecting it,” Henry said. “I am going to definitely try and empower some people.”
The title of the role does not mean much to Henry, but it means more to him that the industry keeps up a positive image.
“You can call me whatever you want to call me, but what you don’t want to do is make the business look bad. I cannot stand that. It’s like, wow, you really want to burn it down because you just feel like that is what you want to do?”
While Henry’s in-ring career may have come to an end, his presence will not be gone for long. The WWE Network released a documentary following Henry’s life and career titled “World’s Strongest Man: The Mark Henry Story”, and is available to watch on-demand.

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