Mom Donates Son's $6,500 To Goodwill, Stashed In Mickey Mouse Mug

CONYERS, GA — A Georgia mom says she feels like “the worst mom in the world” after donating her son’s $6,500 to the local Goodwill.

Lindsay Preiss, of Conyers, Ga., told an Atlanta news station that she made the innocent mistake after her son, Devon Silvey, 27, had stashed the money in a covered, yellow, metal coffee Mickey Mouse mug after selling his car recently. He didn’t deposit the money on the same day because banks aren’t open Sundays.

WSB-TV reported that while Silvey was in the process of moving to a new apartment, he dropped the mug off at his parents’ house, in a cabinet, so he wasn’t running around with it. His mother donated it to Goodwill several days later, after tiding up her home.

Silvey and his mother told WSB-TV that they hope someone comes forward to return the money.

“Ugh, like the worst mom in the world. I mean I feel terrible,” Preiss said to the news station.

After searching through hours of camera footage, a manager at the Goodwill store said the mug had already been sold.

“No mother wants to disappoint their child and give away something they’ve worked really hard for,” Preiss said. “I’m just asking someone to please have it in your heart to do the right thing and give it back.”

“At first, I thought it was a joke, or a prank, or something like that,” Silvey said to WSB-TV “But then I found out that the mug had been donated to Goodwill. She thought I was upset about the mug being gone, which I — miss the mug as well — but what was inside was a little more important. We would be very, very thankful if you brought it back.”

Will he ever be able to forgive his mother?

“They felt terrible,” he said of his parents to Patch with a laugh. “There aren’t any hard feelings. It’s just crazy how everything worked out so perfectly, just the wrong way though.”

Silvey is offering a cash reward for the return of the $6,500 and even the mug.

All photos courtesy Devon Silvey

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