Mysterio Update, Schwarzenegger Has Surgery, SD Top 10 Dropped

Rumors of Rey Mysterio’s return to WWE continue to thrive as the masked superstar is more and more likely to return to the company with each passing day. Several reports have claimed that Mysterio could be appearing for WWE again at WrestleMania or start wrestling for the company again not long after the event concludes. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has provided the latest update stating that Mysterio was recently spotted in Birmingham, Alabama to meet with WWE’s doctors in order to have his current arm injury checked out. This is the latest step in the ongoing negotiations between Mysterio and WWE, and a positive report on medical testing could be all that Mysterio needs to come back to WWE.
WWE Hall of Famer Arnold Schwarzenegger will go down as one of the most iconic bodybuilders and Hollywood action stars of all time, but it sounds like the former Governor of California is not in very good condition at the moment. TMZ reported earlier today that Schwarzenegger was rushed to the hospital for emergency open heart surgery. He is currently recovering and is said to be in stable condition at the moment. In addition to influencing several bodybuilders and pro wrestlers, Schwarzenegger has made several appearances for WWE over the years. He was most recently inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as a celebrity entrant back in 2015.
Remember when Smackdown General Manager Daniel Bryan introduced the Smackdown Top 10 list? It was a list which allowed for Smackdown stars to vote for who they felt deserved future opportunities in WWE. AJ Styles won the top spot when it debuted, but the list has not been used on television ever since. Unsurprisingly, the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter has reported that WWE has already decided to move on from using the Smackdown Top 10 list. The company and fans quickly soured on the idea, allowing WWE to drop the concept. The report specifies that the list idea has now been completely abandoned and will not be returning to the program in the future.

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