New manifesto urges industry creatives to ban fur, feathers and exotic skins

British-born fashion photographer Alexi Lubomirski has launched a manifesto
titled Creatives 4 Change, urging those working in the fashion industry to
make it the best version of itself it can be, affecting positive change
across all creative endeavours.

Lubomirski, who famously photographed the Duke and Duchess of Sussex
wedding photographs, calls for an end to using fur, feathers and exotic
skins in editorials, stating “we are no longer able to hide behind the
glossy pages of a monthly magazine the way we used to before the digital
revolution. The world is watching us every second on social media and we
cannot afford to make rash mistakes by ignoring issues that we know to be
important, whether it is to do with the diversity issue, working with
people with a history of abuse or flagrantly disregarding sustainable
methods of producing fashion.”

“With our massive creative power to inspire, needs to come a conscience to
inspire people in the right way. We believe that we should lead by example
and use our power of “choice” to leave this industry in a far better place
than it was, when we entered it. We want to look back, at the end of our
careers, and say that we made the right choices when they mattered and that
we stood on the right side of the fence concerning the important issues of

“The simple fact is, that this job and the enjoyment that comes with it,
should not come at the expense of others; whether it is people, animals or
the environment.”

Lubomirski has petitioned his fellow photographers as well as designers,
hair and makeup artists, stylists, actors and all those working in the
fashion industry to ban using fur, feathers and exotic skins from their
work and to be vocal of their commitment on social media.

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